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2 years ago

Easy and lovely Liquid Liner- Must Buy!


Ease of use

No Spread


The Brand new matte liquid liner is so amazing and has bold dark color shade. I personally use this product when I go to any party or occasion. The Matte liner is so good that it does not spread away and gives a shiny look to your eyes. I found this product interesting and bought immediately through online shopping. I was just applying kajal before which would not give me that Sharpe shade and that glow under my eyelids and usually they spread over the eyes most of the time and then its like hard to remove. The day when I started using this product I’m not worried about any condition whether it may be dust or pollution it won't spread and gives you a bold look. This product has a high demand in the market and I personally recommend you to buy which will make you look dam awesome. This product gave a good attraction to my eyes and I was like killing people with my eyes look. The way I applied was using the brush provided. After your makeup gently applies the thin layer under your eyelids which do not spread even if you blink your eyes. This product is not that sticky and has ease of use. This product is handy for me where ever I get time I just give a light touch up which glow my eyes and make it more highlighted. Many of my friends asked me that this may take you time to get that touch-up but it takes not more than five minutes which has a simple way of applying. While removing do not rub too much just gently apply makeup remover which helps the liner to unstuck from the skin and you will find a good clean up soon and no worries of any spread. The dark black color shade is bold and won't affect you are applied to makeup. The brush provided is smooth which gives you Sharpe edges and locate your eyes with lovely borders. You may have doubt with varieties of products in the market but I found this to be the best among all the other similar products. Gently apply and have great compliments from all your friends and family. Go ahead and buy this beautiful product.

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