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2 years ago

Awesome Product



The creamy and liquid based ones provide a more natural look whereas powdery ones can sometimes give an artificial look. I had personally used creamy contours till now. Cream based contours take a lot of time to blend and spread evenly. Powdered ones are usually applied in very little quantity and needs to be blended well. When I came across NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette, I realised this is what I was missing till now. NYX Highlight and Contour Pro palette is a powder based contour. The shades are highly pigmented and even the lightest shade give a good color with just a swipe of brush. The product has a soft powdery texture. Most of the shades are matte and few shades have a sheen tint. I realised this is what I was missing till now. NYX Highlight and Contour Pro palette is a powder based contour. It comes in a black kit with 8 shades. Four shades are for highlighting and the other four are for contouring. All the shades are very beautiful. The kit has re-fillable pans. The empty pans can easily be replaced with new ones. This is something I really found unique about this kit because usually one shade gets finished, we need to buy an entire kit just for that particular shade. y skin over the face gets brighten and glowing in hardly a few applications of the NYX Professional Makeup highlight and contour palette! Each set includes eight customizable highlighting and contouring shades which is a very good deal for the money that you are spending on the same. And hence with these eight shades you can perfectly emphasize on one particular favourite feature of yours. It is in fact a contouring and highlighting palette that is of exceptional quality of professional makeup & beauty products in super stylish and modern packaging. There eight shades in the palette and all are super nice that match all types of skins — the highlighter just mergers like a dream to your skin. The texture is very soft and buttery smooth and is of high quality. I start out by contouring my cheek bones, then my nose lines, moving on to the lip and forehead lines. Blending them with the right brush makes a world of a difference. I tried using a water drop sponge, but it ended up absorbing and not spreading it well. A brush seems to work best for the blending process. I felt the shades were just perfect for most of the skin tones. No one would be disappointed. The tanned skin users you will love it!! The cost is not really high but then I suppose I get most of my products from other countries. All the eight powders are creamy, highly pigmented, easily blendable. Go grab a piece.

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