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2 years ago

Awesome Item



All MAC lipsticks are high on the price point but the quality you get justifies it. Use a lip liner underneath to make your lipstick last longer. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. The price is affordable like any other mac product. The lipstick is highly pigmented and gives a perfect coverage. The texture is creamy, smooth and the lipstick applies gently on lips. It doesn't feel heavy. It gives a proper hydration that it does not dry lips. it has a nice vanilla fragrance which is very mild and gentle. The texture of the lipstick is very creamy. MAC Lipsticks do not become cakey or flaky with time. Its appearance remains throughout the day. MAC Satin lipsticks have 29 vibrant shades. All the shades are very beautiful and glamorous. My favourite one is Captive which is a plum shade. I like it since it can be worn easily during the day also. It looks equally gorgeous at night. I personally use it with a lip pencil but it can be easily used even without it. The application is just so simple and you even do not need any lip brush for the same. The lipstick gently glides over your lips and hence very easy to use. In fact I would say that it is creamy formula with a soft cushiony feel to it. This makes it extremely easy for applying the same. The lips feel very soft and nourished with this lipstick. MAC for sure knows how to please women!! For the dry lips this product is keep you hydrated. Does not make it patchy or dry. Sits just perfectly!! Its creamy and soft texture helps the lipstick to stay. A little bit longer in comparison to the other brands. The finish being satin gives the creamy texture and finish. he lipstick glides smoothly on your lips without any hiccups. I fell in love the moment I applied the captive shade as it instantly brightens your face. The smell is, which vanilla, but I could not feel any taste.

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