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2 years ago

Good One



I picked up a bronze shade of this highlighter for my evening makeup. I applied it by mixing in the foundation base since I do not prefer too much shimmer. It gets blended easily. For dry skin, it is better if you use a moisturiser before it to prevent patchiness. The texture of this product is smooth that it simply glides over your skin giving a soft and supple skin. It is available in more than 10 mesmerizing and stunning shades to pick from. You can also add it to your body lotions or foundations for a dewy and sparkly look. Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters is a biggest saviour that adds a gorgeous glow to your skin. In fact this highly pigmented highlighter is a must have for all lovers of the glow. The pigmentation is very high, just one drop is needed to highlight. The highlighter is in liquid form, and it has a smooth very thin and gets blended to the skin. She used the highlighter on some parts of the face, but sometimes she also used to the whole face by mixing with foundation.

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