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2 years ago

Better To Buy!!!


Good Quality

The NYX pore filler is an amazing product which fills all your open face pores and makes it look completely smooth and even from all the angel. This product is handy and can be used once a day it is so easy to apply and can be used very fast. The action of this product is too fast and works immediately. I have been using this product for a week and I see a lot many changes on my skin. My skin got the clear texture and my open pores got filled and my face started glowing. This product is easy to apply firstly wash your face with warm water then gently apply the filler over the face from all corners kindly touch up with makeup you will find all your face pores got cleared and skin became more smooth and clean. Whenever I used to come from the office or go to any occasion Before my skin used to have lot many pores and was rough which would always fade away my makeup and my skin would look ugly. Now when I’m using this product this is helping me to look more beautiful than ever. This product is a smooth cream substance which fills all your open pores which in turn helps in avoiding seat and also the fading of even tone from your skin. Daily once you apply then you will find great results behind which not even fill all your face pores but also make skin tone brighter I suggest you buy this product as soon as possible and as early as possible that make you glow and clear all the open pores and make you look awesome. This product has a high demand in the market and recommended by many of them like me. So go for it and avail the product

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