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2 years ago

Best Pigment Ever


Good Quality

The MAC Pigment pigmentation is pure, and you would get a golden glow or a tan look. I personally suggest you buy this product as early as possible. The cream will not make you look orange or stripy like the other Pigment. The Pigment gives just the right amount of golden tint to the skin, which makes it faultless for everyday wear. Staying power wise this MAC Pigment checks out all the right boxes. It easily lasts around seven to eight hours without fading. And even when it starts dying, it does so evenly. The important thing to wear this Pigment is using the right cream. The shimmers in the tube do not transmit to the skin, and this is a big plus for me as I do not like the shiny glitter feeling on my skin. If you were to use a thickly packed brush, then you will pick up too much cream and will take more time blending. MAC Pigment comes in a glass tube with the brand name on top it. The packing is classy and travel-friendly. MAC Pigment is a warm brown terracotta shade with slight reddish hints in it. I think that this color would play well for medium to medium-dark skin tones. I have personally used this product and I found it really interesting. The cream is soft, finely milled and contains golden shimmers in it. MAC Pigment blends so well, in fact, it looks like you have a unified golden tan. The tube comes with a handy package, which is useful for the quick touch-ups. The Pigment’s texture is fantastic, it is undoubtedly one of the best cream textures I have come across. This product is a really amazing and fast working product that will turn your glow and beautiful. This product has a high demand in the market and I suggest you buy this as soon as possible which will glow your skin and it has many shades available within them. Go for it and avail the product benefits.

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