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2 years ago

Nice Product


This handwashing gel has also contained natural and organic materials. Alcohol-based Himalaya Wellness Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer kills maximum germs and protects us from infection. The main purpose of hand-washer is to sanitise our hands before eating. Purehands contains coriander oil which is a natural antimicrobial agent, hrivera which is antibacterial and gives a fantastic aroma and last but not least neem extracts which are antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties. The best part of this Himalaya Wellness Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer is, no hand washing is required after applying this gel on our hands. The hand sanitizer is effective and is made up of herbals and alcohol. The packing is cute and convenient to carry around in your pocket. The sanitizer is gel-like liquid, but it is non-sticky. Only a little bit of sanitizer is required for each use. Himalaya Pure hands Hand Sanitizer dries off quickly and does not leave behind any tacky or sticky feel. After using the sanitizer, our hands are not dried out. The hand sanitizer does not make the skin too dry which most of the sanitizers actually do. This is a very good thing. The smell is also not too strong as what I expected it to be. It’s manageable. The most liked by me is the green apple and the orange one.

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