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Clinique Exfoliating Scrub is a water-based facial scrub. It effectively de-flakes skin, unclogs blocked pores, and softens fine lines for a visibly brighter and refreshed complexion. It is suitable for oily and combination skin types. It is gentle yet effective on acne-prone skin that is oily and has open pores.

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The exfoliating scrub is white in colour, it is allergy tested and claims to be fragrance-free. However, there is a particular mild fragrance of menthol. The consistency of the scrub is very thick and chalky. It is meant for oily skin and helps in keeping acne and pimples at bay. It spreads quickly with water while scrubbing. Clinique exfoliating scrub is suitable for every season, it keeps the skin fresh, rejuvenated and alive. It helps a lot in removing the dead cells from the skin, providing it with a naturally glowing and smooth look. It gives a cooling sensation, which offers a very fresh feeling in summers. his scrub leaves my skin so clear and radiant, removing all the dirt and impurities .It contains menthol which leaves a cooling sensation after the wash ,which suits well on summer.Unlike other scrubs this contains tiny beads like fine sand which are very fine for a great scrub . You could feel an instant smoothness on your face. The scrub removes all the dust and impurities from face which are caused by pollution. It also removes the dry and dead cells. The skin looks radiant and oil free. It also has a cooling effect due to the presence of menthol. This makes you feel fresh and wide awake. Another important thing is that you need to use a toner after exfoliating to close the open pores.

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