Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation Reviews

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2 years ago

Good Product


The foundation claims to stay for up to 25 hours, which is a very long duration. It has a thin consistency, which blends smoothly on the face. The foundation does not sit on the skin and gives a natural glow. It does not hide away the skin impurities or dark circles completely. A foundation provides only 35% coverage on its own and to give a higher coverage, it needs to be combined with compact powder and primers. Rimmel Foundation is a lightweight foundation which gives a naturally smooth look. It is suitable for those who have clear skin and an even skin tone. It works well for normal to dry skin. In summers, it needs to be combined with a compact powder to make it stay longer. It works pretty well in winters and helps in keeping the skin hydrated without giving the dry and patchy look. The product comes in a transparent glass bottle with a red pump dispenser. It is covered by a red cap. I like the pump dispenser which allows only a small quantity of product avoiding wastage. This foundation comes in two variants. One with comfort serum which has a SPF 20 and a plain one. It is travel friendly. Well, my friend's friend chose the first one with SPF as she is very conscious about going out in sun. The product has limited shades which makes us difficult to choose the right shade. And also it does oxidise which makes the choosing part tricky. The foundation has a medium to thick consistency. It is easy to blend the product with a brush or with your fingers . The fragrance is pleasant and not too strong for a sensitive nose. Prepare your skin with a moisturizer before applying the foundation if you have dry skin. It gives a good coverage which could be buildable but not a complete full one like it claimed. Such is the impact of this foundation was on her that I was amazed completely and thought of giving it a try. I am really glad that I did as this foundation truly got an unbeatable performance. I instantly bought one with out a second thought. The brand claims to be 25 hour foundation and trust me it is true to a very great extent. Yes it is extremely long lasting and you do not need to worry for constant touch ups at all now. It is sweat and humidity proof to give that even skin tone to your face. I had several dark patches all over the skin and to hide them was a task for me everytime trust me. It can look all artificial or fake or cakey on the face. Probably that’s why it stays on for more than 24 hours. The foundation is sweat and heat proof. It would not melt or just wash away. You need to spend time to remove it off from your face.

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