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2 years ago

Best Product


Brightens up eyes

Creamy consistency

It is indeed a wonder pencil which helps in getting rid of the uneven skin tone. I found that it also helps in minimizing the deep wrinkles around my mouth. The only drawback that I found in this is the difficulty in sharpening it. The product is creamy. It applies smoothly on skin and over lips. It gives a waxy feel over skin. On application you get a matte finish. For concealing, you could just color the imperfections and blend them using your fingers. You could also use it as a lip liner and then fill your lips with a lipstick you want. This has a thick waxy feel to it and it takes some work to mix it out yet it layers well. It’s reasonable. It lasts longer for more than 5 days. I always carry this wonder pencil in my makeup stash just in case I might need it during a makeup fiasco. I strongly recommend buying this wonder pencil from NYX.

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