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1 year ago

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Great pigmentation

The Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner was suggested by my friend to me. She gave rave reviews about this product. The products from Colorbar are completely affordable and they have great quality. I ordered online and received exactly the same as it was described on the package. It is very to use. Colorbar is one such brand which brings out affordable products of very high quality. The color of the eye liner is blackest black and so gorgeous. The tip is really fine and very flexible. It is easy to draw the fabulous winged liner looks. The pen itself looks so nice and classy. It is long lasting. It is smudge proof and water resistant. Colorbar is an ultimate sketch pen for your eyes, first things first it is so easy to use that you can be creative with your eye looks. This eyeliner is highly pigmented and gives you a thick and neat finish. This easy-to-use sketch pen allows you to bring out your inner doodler and get creative with your eye looks. This highly pigmented formula lasts up to 16 hours as it is waterproof and transfer-proof. It glides on your eyes effortlessly and delivers rich definition. It is available in 5 shades that will woo you and everyone who lays eyes on you. This eyeliner is water proof and transfer proof. It can stay upto 12 hours. I have tried this during day and stay well through the day without any smudging Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner is one of the best eyeliners so far that I have used. it is black and pigmented. it is glossy and also does not dry up giving it a neat look. it is actually smudgeproof and stays for quite sometime and easily removes with a makeup remover. it is so easy to apply and also has affine tip that glides smoothly giving sharp

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