Lever Ayush Anti Dandruff Neem Shampoo Reviews

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1 year ago

Nothing better than this


Moisturizing effect


Suitable for all hair types

This shampoo in bottle has a flip open cap that is travel-friendly. The price is affordable. Sachets are very easy to carry while you are traveling as there is no leakage. The shampoo is a brown gel formula with a good smell. This smell lingers on hair for about 2 days. It lathers moderately and cleanses dirt and impurities. It does not remove the oil completely if you have oiled your hair. So you will need more shampoo for getting a oil free hair. Post hair wash, hair is soft but dries at the ends. You will need a conditioner to tame frizzy hair. And, it does not eradicate dandruff completely. The product has natural ingredients and claims to be ayurvedic which is good as we are using this on child we don't want any harmful chemicals on her delicate skin. she is using the shampoo and conditioner thrice a week for more than a month and her itching and dry flakes have been subsided from it. A single wash for medium length hair would require only a coin sized quantity as it lathers well and cleanses the scalp effectively. The fragrance is very sweet and pleasant and has a hint of herbal smell to it. But unlike other herbal shampoos, this one doesn't feel strong or bothering at all.

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