Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant Reviews

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1 year ago

Great Product


Gentle formula

Prevents inflammation

Dermatologically tested

I got this gel-based facial cleanser from bioderma because I have extremely oily skin it is said to be soap free also free of parabens chemicals and colouring agents. it is set to maintain the skins pH balance thereby keeping your skin moisturized and oil free. So my work expects me to move out of the office in the sun in the pollution which makes my skin exposed to the the pollution and and sun. So so the first thing when I come home is doing a good skincare routine to maintain the pH balance and healthyness on my face. so the first thing is I always remove my makeup with a good makeup This foamy gel is packed with the goodness of zinc sulfate and copper sulfate that penetrate deep into your skin to clean the epidermis, remove marks, and reduce sebum secretion. Its pH-balanced, ultra-gentle formula maintains the natural moisture in your skin.

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