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2 years ago

Great Product


Prevents hangovers

Herbal formula

Safe to use

The capsules are made up of natural ingredients like chicory, kharjura extracts, yavatikta extract, draksha extract, bhumyamalaki extract. These have anti inflammatory antioxidant properties that relieve the hangover in the next morning. This capsule reduces dizziness, nausea and headache to an extent and restore back to normal. The best thing is that this capsule does not have any taste and no smell. It restores the fatigue feeling by the morning. However, alcohol consumption is harmful for health. It causes serious liver diseases and liver damage. It is better to stop or reduce the consumption of alcohol to protect the liver from damage. When in limits of consumption, this works effectively. One tablet is needed to be consumed before the first drink. It controls the hangover symptoms, like headache, stomach-ache, dizziness or nausea, and when one wakes up the next morning, he or she will be free from any hangover. Yes, one may feel tired and hungry, which is common after every party night. But yes, the major bummer is the absence of any guarantee. These capsules have greatly eliminated the fatigue and drowsiness that he used to feel earlier. Also now there is no feeling of vomiting at all. I am really happy that we got an alternative for the issues that we were facing and that too with no side effects on his body till date.

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