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1 year ago

Nothing better than this



Wide shade range

I always keep trying new eyebrow enhancers because I have got sparse eyebrows and this the makeup item I cannot step out without. I love hoarding on different types of eyebrow products like gels, powders, pomades and browcaras. This brow pencil comes in 10 shades which I was greatly impressed with and made the purchase. It has a spoolie on one end and a retractable brow filler on the other end. This product disappointed me a lot because the quality of the lead is so worse that I had to literally rub it hard on my brow to get some pigment. It felt like such a waste of money but then, I kept it for the spoolie and whatever the light shade it gave to my brow. So here we are with the LA girl shady slim brow pencil. true to its name its very slim and has the pencil on side and a sppolie brush to shape the brows on the other side. This slim brow pencil gives me a perfect way to get fuller and thicker eye brow. It is very use friendly and quick to use. I carry it my office and use it before I start my day.

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