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1 year ago

Shikakai Powder



Natural ingredients

Though they do not gives an effective lather like shampoos , it gives a quite good lather that removes the dirt and pollution in just a single wash . The powder is very smooth and does not leave back any residue in the hair and scalp and completely gets rinsed off justThe best thing about this product is it applies very quickyly and also results amazing output in less amount of time and money. I must say that this is recommended for all ages and for everyone. I have used this long time back and using it daily as a permanent solution for me. You can surely spend your preciously earned money into this and the outputs are garentieee.I use this power daily and its now part of my life, the result of this product is wounderful and up to the mark. applied over the scalp and hair . Ayurvedic Shop and I came across this Karthika shikakai powder

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