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1 year ago

Good Handy Spary


No harmful chemicals


Delivers 100 sprays.

Sanitizer spray Helps you to keep your hands clean and removing germs and bacteria from your hand savlon pen sanitizer spray is very useful. Because we can carry easily from one place to another Savlon pen sanitizer spray I am using regularly It it helps me when I heard the news about my new grandson born. When I went to meet him in hospital. I used Sanitizer spray and then I have taken my grandson in my hands. I am a computer engineer so I need to go the customer places to repair the computer. After opening the CPU and repairing the computer my hand comes with germs and bacteria .I am using this Salon Pel spray sanitizer its help me to clean my hands and protect it from germs and bacteria. Savlon is hygienic brand I have used. Sanitizer spray is helps to protect my hands from germs and bacteria. best

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