Cheryl’s Glovite Skin Lightening Facial Kit Reviews

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1 year ago

Facial Kit for you


Natural glow

Facial at home

It comes in a tube form and is blue in color with gel like texture, you just need one pea sized amount in every wash, so you need very little product. It doesn’t foam too much and that is what I like about it the most. It doesn’t dry out the skin type oily and yet cleanses it really well. I use it on my cleansing brush for deep cleansing at times and my skin is super soft after using it, smooth and completely cleansed. I love the minty and cooling smell and effect, skin is definitely cleansed, brighter and smoother with this regular usage tried it and I absolutely love it. Since the face wash exfoliates the skin a bit, using this post cleansing, does feel a little tingly at certain areas of the skin, but it subsides in a minute or 2. It is a thick and rich lotion structure, but quite runny and not like a cream.

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