Khadi Natural Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil Reviews

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1 year ago

Oil is best


Lovely fragrance

Does not stain clothes or bedsheets

I very much worried about my hair. My hair gives me a personality and I have taken personal care of my hair on a daily basis. I’m searching for oil which has herbal in it. I found Khadi Natural Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil which contains lemon, sandal, and bhringraj. My age is 40 Plus and I ‘m observing that my hair falls. I have stared using Khadi Natural Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil, It prevents hair fall, and deeply nourishes my hair. It also helps me reduce stress level and giving cooling effects to my hair. I’m using it regularly and hence it keeps my hair deeply moisturize and prevents hair fall. It is effective on a sensitive scalp. It contains herbal ingredients that prevent premature graying of hair and the formation of split ends. It also helps to deeply nourish and hydrates hair which makes the hair look shinier and dandruff free.

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