Nivea Total Face Cleanup Face Wash Reviews

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2 years ago

Trusting Nivea since childhood


Removes blackheads

Makes skin clean and clear

Imparts instant glow

Unique blend of face wash, scrub, and face pack

Nivea is not a new brand, we have been known it since our childhood. Nivea has a wide range of skin care products. They have a variety in their face washes for different skin types. This product Nivea total face clean up is a one stop solution for all your skin problems. It is a unique facewash with scrub and mask properties. And as the name suggests, it acts as a total cleanup for your face everytime you wash. It works really well with oily skin as well as normal skin. Washes out impurities and dust from the skin. It also gives an instant glow to the skin from the first use itself. Not very good on dry skin as the scrubbing property will dry out the skin even more. Be careful around the eye areas while using this facewash, as if it comes in contact with eyes they will turn red and start burning due to the chemicals in it.

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