NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette Reviews

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2 years ago

Love the highlighter, must buy product


Natural and very good quality

Awesome product

Wow.. Really amazing product.. Solve my makeup issue. Thank you.. Contours come in three form- creamy, liquidy and powder. The creamy and liquid based ones provide a more natural look whereas powdery ones can sometimes give an artificial look. I had personally used creamy contours till now. Cream based contours take a lot of time to blend and spread evenly. Powdered ones are usually applied in very little quantity and needs to be blended well. When I came across NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette, I realised this is what I was missing till now. NYX Highlight and Contour Pro palette is a powder based contour. It comes in a black kit with 8 shades. Four shades are for highlighting and the other four are for contouring. All the shades are very beautiful. The kit has re-fillable pans. The empty pans can easily be replaced with new ones. This is something I really found unique about this kit because usually one shade gets finished, we need to buy an entire kit just for that particular shade. The shades are very creamy and well pigmented. They blend easily into the skin and provide a natural finish. It gives a smooth finish and do not require a setting spray. The powder shades gets picked up in more quantity with a brush and therefore gets wasted. Very little quantity is required and it gets settled in one or two strokes. It gives a very matte effect. The highlighters are shimmery and can be used for night functions too. If used with a good makeup settling spray, they tend to last for upto twelve hours, I usually don’t use a makeup setting spray and without it these contours lasts for a good six hours. I find it pretty long lasting. The quantity is very good and the quality is very high..

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