Blue Heaven Splash Super Matte Lipstick Reviews

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2 years ago

Waterproof lipstick!




Decent pigmentation

I was looking for some budget-friendly lipsticks when I came across the Blue Heaven Splash Super Matte lipsticks. They are available in 12 vibrant shades, and they claim to be waterproof. The packaging looked cheap though I did not expect much at this price-tag. The lipstick was smooth to apply, but a single swipe did not do the job. It needed multiple swipes to give the matte finish. It wasn't patchy bit it felt a bit heavy on the lips, and it dried out my lips. When I applied it on top of a lip balm, it did not dry out, so lip balm is a must for this brand. This one did not last too long and needed touch-ups. But they are definitely waterproof, which is a good thing. I could not figure out the fragrance, but whatever it was it wasn't good to smell, but it fades off quickly so not a big issue. I purchased a dark red and the pigmentation was decent. So I think this is okay for the price. You can buy it if you wear lipsticks only for a few hours. Otherwise nothing amazing about it except for being waterproof. And their variety of hues in their collection.

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