Blue Heaven Line And Design Sketch Eyeliner Reviews

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2 years ago

Works great!


Intense pigmentation

lasts long

Precision tip


I can never have enough of eyeliners and always on a hunt for more. While looking for budget-friendly cosmetics I stumbled upon the Blue Heaven Sketch Eyeliner. Blue Heaven is an Indian brand and they recently gained momentum in the cosmetic industry. The packaging is in a black pen form with a click shut cap. It looks quite sturdy enough to ensure no leakages. The pen provides a good grip while working with it. The tip of the pen is quite flexible depending on the pressure you apply. I could get a bold winged liner without much effort. I think this is perfect for beginners. The application was very smooth and the eyeliner dried up very fast. It is definitely smudged proof and water-proof to some extent. The staying power is decent and lasted me a good 7 hours without fading. The best part about the eyeliner is the intense pigmentation. It works just perfect for my daily needs. I think this is the best eyeliner in a budget. I cent percent recommend this to beginners and to those who prefer a pen-style liner. I will surely be buying more once this pen gets over.

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