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2 years ago

Worst Product!



BB cream is a blemish balm cream. It is also called as a miracle cream because it is expected to do the job of a moisturizer, concealer, primer, SPF, etc. Basically, an all in one cream for those who really do not have the time for a full-fledged makeup. The packaging is nothing fancy considering the price, but the tube looks sturdy enough to avoid leakages. I realized that the Fair and Lovely BB cream comes only in one shade. Being on the wheatish side I felt this would suit my skin tone but unfortunately, it gave a very unnatural look. It did not even make my skin moisturized in fact it dried out my skin very badly. The texture is not creamy and it did not blend easily like other bb creams. I think this did absolutely nothing to my skin. This is the worst purchase I have made in recent times. I totally hated the look I saw in the mirror. In fact, this cream gave me acne immediately the next day. I don't really suffer from acne but the bad quality products give me acne for sure. So please stay away from this cream. It is dirt cheap but I wouldn't try even if given for free.

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