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2 years ago

Best for me!!




This is the one product that always in my makeup bag for a long time. I never wanted to pay this kind of money for a sharpened eye pencil, but it just applies so softly on my eyes without tugging and grabbing. And the deep brown shade suites me very well. It doesn't look too warm, red, cool or muddied. I actually have thin hair, lashes & brows...they all look almost black. However, I am not a fan of black liners because they always seem to give off a blue grey cast which I don't. This said a good deep brown is hard to find. But luckily I found this. It brings my eyes to life the way. I wear this in the summer with minimal to no shadow. My eyes feel brighter and younger. So if you ask me for cheaper options out there...I am not sure. Do I have the patience to buy and try a bunch of eyeliners till I get the right brown and the right texture? I will say No. Coffee works perfectly for me so, I will just stick with this. The only reason I did not give it a full five lippies is that I feel like it fades by the end of the day.

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