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Organic India Coconut Oil is cold-pressed virgin edible coconut oil. This superfood from Organic India is of the highest quality and best taste. It is beneficial for the heart and promotes healthy functioning of the thyroid. Consuming virgin coconut oil also increases metabolism and helps initiate weight loss. The cold-pressed oil can also be used for cooking, and hair and skin care.

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Nutrient rich

Anti bacterial

Easy to digest

As kids, my brother and I were taught to apply coconut oil on the body and hair each day after bath. It was an integral part of our grooming routine. My mother was very particular about hair and skin care right from the start. Over the years, coconut oil has upgraded to organic and become an essential item of almost everyone’s house. Organic India Coconut oil is not only an excellent grooming product but also an important ingredient of the kitchen. It is a natural super food which is highly beneficial for the heart. It helps in the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland and increases body’s metabolic rate. It is an excellent source of saturated fats and lauric acid. A highly recommended product for daily use for the whole family.

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