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MAC Lash – 36 is a set of naturally angled eyelashes that provide a natural and dramatic look to the eyes. These hand-sculpted lashes that meet the exact specifications add length and fullness to the outer corners of your eyes. The smooth texture of these flexible lashes blends well with the natural lash hair and provides a flawless finish. It is easy to trim these superlight lashes to customize different eye looks. These delicate eye lashes can be reshaped and reused as well. From a natural to an intense look, MAC Lash – 36 is available in a variety of shapes and designs.

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Natural-looking artificial lashes Vasutha approves this product
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Natural and dramatic look

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Pretty lashes

My friend is fond of all kinds of make up products and cosmetics. She keeps on trying new and innovative ways of beautifying herself. Her latest buy was MAC Lash – 36. I am not that much deep in to make up to wear artificial lashes and hair. But as she liked these things she bought these artificial lashes from MAC. These false lashes are made with good quality artificial hair and the curve in it looks very natural. Just apply lash glue to the strip after adjusting the length, then wait for some seconds to make the strip tacky. When the artificial lash is ready, glue it gently to the base of your natural lashes. That’s all. You are ready for any party and celebrations. There are reusable if you can keep them and use them properly. Removing MAC Lash – 36 also easy only. Get dramatic, curvy, lengthy and full volume lashes that look natural.

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