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2 years ago

Best hand beautifier



Hydrating effect


Natural ingredients

Thick cream

Soothing sensation

Restores natural moisture

Repairs dry cuticles

We Indians are not that much conscious about maintaining our hands and legs. Maximum we can do is manicure and pedicure before any family functions. But actually, as we are in hot land our limbs also need attention and care. During winter I apply moisturisers and creams on my hands and legs to get rid of flaky and dryness. But when my friend bought The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector I was surprised. Immediate I also purchased the product. It is a creamy moisturiser for our hands. Although my skin is normal only, I tried this hand cream made from hemp oil. It was super soft in texture and made my hands soft and shining. This is wash proof so even after washing my hands it stayed and protected my hands from dryness. The ingredients are interesting too. Allantoin, organic beeswax, Glycerine, hemp seed oil, and panthenol. A very small size cream is enough for moisturising and protecting our hand. I usually massage this The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector before going to bed. Because the cream stays intact while we sleep. And the result can be visible the next day. The packing of this hand cream is not at all attractive. It looks like ointment only and not like cosmetics. But it delivers a commendable result. It can be applied to sensitive areas and acne-prone areas of the skin also. After I started applying this cream, my visits to parlour for manicure and pedicure has reduced. I apply this on my scratchy legs also to make it soft. Apply this cream all over the hand even in cuticles also to get a beautiful and soft hand to get admiration from everybody. It is value for money. Don’t go for the look of the pack, but for the result it delivers.

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