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As the name suggests, Chambor Smooth On Eyeliner glides on smoothly to draw an accurate line without smudging on the eyelids. It has a silky soft texture and dries quickly and stays on the lids for a long time. The unique formulation contains quick drying acrylic polymers that deliver a persistent film on the eyelids. You can use it to create a number of looks - from defined to dramatic look. This super-pigmented eyeliner comes with a brush applicator for smooth application. Chambor Smooth On Eyeliner is available in four shades - Black, Blue, Purple, and Green.

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When I got some coupons from a popular e-commerce site, I searched for eyeliner and found this Chambor Smooth On Eyeliner. This Geneva, Switzerland based cosmetic company is always liked by women all over the world. They bring innovative brands to help us. This liquid eyeliner is also very innovative with smooth and soft texture induced with a quick-drying formula. And it is made with a waterproof formula. So it won’t smudge and ugly in sweating or even if we wash our face. We can apply this eyeliner with the brush which comes with this eyeliner. The application is very easy and interesting, as it is gliding smoothly without dropping. The finish is fantastic and no need for tension due to smudging while applying. This Chambor Smooth On Eyeliner is made with quick-drying acrylic polymers, which can help in quick drying while applying. Although it is slightly costlier than other products, I will recommend this eyeliner to my friends.

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