Pantene Pro-V Anti Dandruff Shampoo Reviews

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2 years ago

For healthy and dandruff-free hair



Prevents split ends and breakage

10X damage protection

Prevents dandruff

Moisturizing formula

Makes hair smooth and healthy

Smooth texture

Softens hair

Pleasant, long-lasting fragrance

Leakage-proof, travel-friendly bottle

I am not always prone to dandruff. My hair is a normal hair and volume and length is also average only. But dandruff can come to anybody these days, as we are moving out and staying out in hotels and due to unhygienic conditions of these places we may get dandruff. Last month I was having tension due to this dandruff. The itches and white dust on my hair made me irritated person. I used home remedy and hair oils to outcome from this dandruff without any results. Then my office friend suggested me Pantene Pro-V Anti Dandruff Shampoo and I immediately purchased and used the shampoo. This shampoo comes in a cream colour bottle with golden yellow flip top leakage-proof cap. The color of the shampoo is white in color with thin runny consistency. The smell is friendly to nose. It acts from the first attempt itself. But prominent result can be seen after some 2,3 washes only. The best part is it controls the re occurrence of the dandruff episode also. Little quantity is enough for daily or alternate day wash. And the cost is also very reasonable only. After using for 10 days my hair was really looking voluminous, shiny and silky. Pantene Pro-V Anti Dandruff Shampoo is formulated with special keratin to act as a conditioner and free our hair from tangles and damage. My hair was neither frizzy not dry after the use. Along with cleaning the hair it also moisturizes the dry scalp. As it is mild and gentle we can use it daily also. I have noticed that my split-ends and breakage also vanished with the use of this shampoo. Use it as a regular shampoo and find out the result by yourself.

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