Bobbi Brown Instant Detox Mask Reviews

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2 years ago

Expensive face mask


Deeply cleanses skin


Suitable for all skin types

Removes suntan

Reduces pore size


Hygienic tube packaging

Easy to carry

Suitable for all age groups

Smooth texture

Face mask is favourite of women all over the world. Once upon a time we use multani mitti for facials and our skin was shining like a gold. But the life style, stress, environment and climate leave a foot print on our face. We need special care always for our skin. My new found secret for the healthy skin is Bobbi Brown Instant Detox Mask. It is a face mask which in infused with sea water from Hawaii and mineral-rich white clay from Amazon. According to the description on the tube, it is a deep cleanser that removes impurities, excess oils, pollutants from the pores deeply without stripping the skin. I agree with this claim. It is a great face mask packed in a light colour tube. The packing is not attractive, but the product is worth buying. My sister used this face mask to get clean and clear skin, when she tried all other brands. She told me that it really works like wonder. Apart from cleansing this face mask is also moisturise and nourish our skin. Take some Bobbi Brown Instant Detox Mask cream on your hand and apply it on slightly wet face like you do with face masks. After 2,3 minutes wash it off with water. You can see the instant change in your face. This face mask has detoxifying power of sea-water and sea-salt. It is black in colour and cream like consistency. This light-weight smooth-textured cream can be used in all types of skin. And also paraben-free, and it is also vegan face mask. As it comes in a tube, it is travel-friendly. It even removes sun-tan and blemishes from our face. The only thing I am worried is its cost. It is very expensive compared to its results. And it doesn’t remove blackheads.

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