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2 years ago

An average make up brush


Professional results

Easy to wash and dry

No shedding of bristles

Works well with powdery products

Getting perfect make up brush is a tired some job. Because we are used to one type of brush for so long, using another brush with different handle and different bristle will take some time to adjust with. But when I bought this NYX Pro Contour Brush, I am relieved of my tension. It is a black colour brush with round shape. The shape make it easy to hold. And the soft voluminous bristles are very handy and helping tremendously while applying make up. It is so soft that it gives an air brush finish to our make up. After using this brush I noticed the difference in my make up. It is a tapered round brush which will contour our cheeks with sculpted finish. The bristles are made with natural fibres. The brush is not coming in a cardboard packing or packing materials. May be they are concerned about environment effects. But it is packed just in a plastic wrapper. So for travel we have to pack it along with other brushes or in a box only. The maintaining of this brush is easy and so with washing also. I washed it with water easily. It can contour compact powders easily but applying creamy make up with this brush needs some experience. Blushes and bronzers can also be applied with this brush. The description claims to be super soft, but it is average soft only. After washing the bristles tend to use shape, this is common with some of the make up brushes. But the bristles are not shedding and reducing even after some month’s usage. The cost is as same as like any other make up brushes. It is an average brush and like any other brush only.

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