Bipha Ayurveda Kasthuri Manjal Reviews

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2 years ago

All in one natural face pack


Suitable for all skin types

Safe to use on babies

Reduces pimples

Removes facial hair naturally

Free from mineral oil and artificial flavors

No synthetic colors

Free of animal fat


Quick results

In India we do massaging the infants with haldi, chandan and with other natural ingredients to make the child’s skin soft and also to remove extra unwanted hair from its skin. Haldi aka turmeric is a natural hair remover if applied on tiny hair on the face and hands. When I see this Bipha Ayurveda Kasthuri Manjal on the shelf of a store, I immediately bought this. I like the kasturi manjal smell. Kasturi refers to the smell of a musk. So combined this kasturi manjal smells like turmeric with musk smell. And it has umpteen uses in ayurveda. It heals wounds and also has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. This kasturi manjal reduces pigmentation, acne and scars of any wound and gives natural glow to the skin. It is a face pack infused with goodness of haldi. It is formulated with ayurvedic preparation and also has vitamins, active ingredients and anti-oxidants. Packed in a yellowish turmeric colour tub, this face pack is in the form of powder. Take some required quantity in the bowl and add water to make a paste. Apply this as a face pack rest it for 15 minutes and wash it with water. Regular usage will results in radiant and fair looking skin with out any scars, black heads and black spots. As it is natural product it is even safe for babies. It has no synthetic colour chemicals, mineral oils and artificial flavour in it. It is a natural skin remedy for all skin problems. From my great grandma’s time we are using raw kasturi manjal for all skin problems. If it is available in processed form it is easy to use it frequently. And the price we pay for this wonder product is worth it.

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