Maybelline New York Ultra Cover Cushion SPF 50 Reviews

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2 years ago

For natural looking dewy finish


Hydrating sensation

Buildable coverage

Even application

Daily-use foundation

Natural finish

Sunscreen protection

Moisturizes skin

Flawless look

Imparts healthy glow

Foundation is a need not a luxury nowadays as age leaves marks on our face. Whatever care and caution we take, our face needs BB cream and foundation to hide or to make canvass like face before real make up. I have Maybelline Ultra Cover Cushion. This is one of my favourites. It gives high coverage to the face with dewy moisturising effect. Mere tapping of this runny cream will give a glowing skin and will hide the pores perfectly. It has 60% water essence to give extra moisturising to our skin. It is good for oily and acne prone skin also. As it has SPF 29 and PA +++ we don’t need sunscreen apart from this Maybelline Ultra Cover Cushion. It acts as sunscreen also. I can say that it spreads quickly and evenly giving as maximum coverage with flawless skin. It covers blemishes and dark spots to some extents. It blends well with the skin and I did not notice any make up residues or oily left overs after I removed this cream. And I like because of its natural finish. My skin was not looking as I have applied any foundation. If you are using heavy make up daily, you can apply this BB cream daily also. It is available in natural beige, sand beige and light beige shades. The packing is simple, compact and round shaped tub like packing. You can apply this liquid like cream by pressing down the sponge with make up puff. Just tap the puff on the face and will get dewy glowing natural face. You can conceal blemishes by more pressing on the spots. But it is costlier compare to other foundation creams.

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