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2 years ago

Transferable but creamy lipstick


Pocket-friendly packaging

Pleasant fragrance

Wide range of shades

Flawless application

Comfortable to wear


Lipstick with twist-up mechanism

Light creamy consistency

I was attracted to the name of the lip stick The Go Chic Lipstick and brought home one. It was my first from Faces and I can say I liked it a lot. Made out of Shea butter, jojoba oil, almond oil, and induced with vitamin E this lip stick is far from better. It glides smoothly and consistency is buttery and creamy. As it has so much butter and oil in it it acts as a lip balm also. So it saves the money on conditioner and lip balm. You can wear it daily also to get semi matte finish. Cardboard box packaging is not attracting but it holds the lipstick firmly. And the colour code with name is written on the bottom side of the cardboard packet. According to me it is not water-proof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof. As it is so creamy it remains wet for so long. But it is long lasting. If you keep it intact it won’t fade or smudge. But if you touch it or eat and drink with it, it stains. There are so many varieties of shades you can choose from this The Go Chic Lipstick. All the shades are attractive and highly pigmented. And application is also very comfortable and easy going. It is available at affordable cost so there won’t be any pocket pinching. And one single coat can deliver a decent coverage and colour to our lips. But as it is very easy to carry, we can apply it after every few hours. The fragrance is pleasant and stays with us for sometime. This lipstick is a retractable kind of bullet. So there is minimum wastages. As it is made with light weight formula it is comfortable on our lips.

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