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1 year ago

Natural pure honey



Contains fructose

Contains natural nutritious elements

Purifies blood

Honey is main ingredient in many ayurvedic preparation. Now a days finding pure honey is next to impossible. Everybody is selling jaggery syrup as honey. Even fake branded one’s are available in the market. So we should be more cautious when buying honey. Patanjali is selling purest form of honey. It has fructose, minerals, vitamins and other nutritious components. Honey can be used instead of sugar as it is comparatively better than whitened sugar. I bought this honey one year back , it has more shelf value and it did not change its colour also. I drink warm water with spoonful of Patanjali honey daily in the morning for weight loss. I can say that it is very effective. Even in kheers, fruit salads, lassi I use Patamjali Honey instead of sugar. It tastes heaven. Available in 100 gms, 250 gms, 1 Kg pack. Honey improves immune system of the body and we are using honey for generations. I apply patanjali honey on my skin to moisturise my skin and the effect is well seen. The quality of patanjali honey is unmatchable. I can easily differentiate ordinary honey and patanjali honey. I recommend this. It is affordable only.

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