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1 year ago

Combination of ashwagandha and shilajit


Herbal blend

Treats sexual problems

Improves fertility

Rejuvenates deficiency

Reduces physical weakness

Reduces anxiety

My husband was feeling tired and experiencing fatigue nowadays. I gave him all the vitamin tablets and added nutrients in his meals. But there was not much improvement. When we went for a regular check-up our doctor prescribed him Patanjali Ashvashila. This is a combination of ashwagandha and shilajit. It is in capsule form. Good for overall improvement in the body. It fights fatigue, stress, weakness, diabetic neuropathy, asthma, general health problems and boosts immune in our body. Along with it also solves sexual disorders and erectile dysfunction. It increases fertility as the sperm count increases. These capsules rejuvenate us and make us feel energetic and young. Doctors prescribe this for alcohol or any other withdrawal anxiety. This is a super booster for the strengthening of muscles and bones. It cures all the bacterial, viral infections and makes our immune system strong. And also make our mind calm as well as stress-free.

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