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2 years ago

Natural henna without chemicals


Provides shiny and strong hair

Natural conditioner

Chemical free

Natural colouring

Henna is in our list of hair care ingredients from time immemorial. From our great great grand mothers to our daughters henna is used for hair colouring, hair growth and hair conditioning. The form is changed from paste to powder, but it is there in all household. I tried so many henna powders, and now trying Banjara’s Natural Henna. It is made from natural henna leaves. No preservatives, chemicals and colours are added in it. I used this henna for colouring my hair as well as conditioning it. Even I tried this henna on my hands and feet during our festivals. Take some henna in a bowel and mix it with curd. Let it sit for half an hour. And apply this on your hair and strands till end to colour it. It will give cooling effect and may cause cough and cold if applied in severe cold climate. But if you sit in the sun after the application, it won’t affect you. After 1 hour or when it is dried, rinse it off with shampoo. Washing the hair under running water will be effective in removing the henna from the hair. Packing is usual and normal. Smell is of henna only. Cost is reasonable.

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