Meera Pure Coconut Hair Oil Reviews

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1 year ago

Good coconut oil for many purposes


Provides nourishment

Reduces hair damage

Reduces hair fall

No adulteration

Coconut oil is always the best ingredient for hair and skin nourishment. It is a great moisturiser and playing important role in air growth and keep away flaky scalp and dandruff. My choice in coconut oil is Meera Pure Coconut Hair Oil. It is made from purest dada copra. It can be used even for cooking also. Some recipes will taste better in coconut oil. So I use this oil for tampering and frying. It is extracted from copra and made within 7 days. Coconut oil is high in saturated fat. Even internationally researchers approved coconut oil is one of the best and healthy oil for cooking. I mainly use Meera Pure Coconut Hair Oil for my hair nourishment. I use it to moisturise my scalp and massage it on my hair to nourish it also. It controls hair fall effectively. There is no chemical in this oil. It is triple filtered. You can use it for skin moisturising also. For dry skin it is the best moisturiser without side effects. In winter it provides soft, silky and glowing skin. I add other essential oils in it and use it as an aroma oil.

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