Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Serum Reviews

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1 year ago

Healthy serum for hair


Easy to use

Non greasy

Mild fragrance

Tames frizzy hair

Natural ingredients

Hair serums are the latest craze among ladies. We used to apply natural and healthy coconut oil for long and strong hair. And we had time to do shampooing and cleaning of the hair in the past. But now in this busy world, we want everything instantly without consuming time and effort. I myself has switched to hair serum as I have to balance my time with work, home, child care and beauty. Now a days my best friend among serum is Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Serum. It nourishes my hair which was unmanageable and dull due to travelling, pollution and environment. This serum helps to attain our desired look. And it is particularly designed for chemically treated hair too. It removes frizziness on hair and make it smooth and shiny. It nourishes the hair without making it oily. And it does not weigh down the hair. Instead I felt my hair was looking voluminous after applying this serum. It wonderfully cures split ends and bring forth sheen and shine to the dry and thin hair. As the name reveals it is a natural serum. But very less quantity for the huge price we are paying.

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