Colgate Active Salt Fight Germs Toothpaste Reviews

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1 year ago

Nostalgic Colgate with innovative formula


Travel friendly


Prevents bad breath

Makes teeth stronger

Prevents cavity

Removes 99% germs

Available in different sizes

I am a fan of Colgate products from my childhood. For me paste means Colgate only. But I change its products now and then. Sometimes I use older version, sometimes Ved shakti, sometimes max fresh and so on. Now I am using Colgate Active Salt Fight Germs Toothpaste . This is really a good product. The active salts and minerals in it fights germs vigorously and completely. It not only provides strong teeth but also keep our gums healthy. Along with teeth gums should also be strong enough to hold the teeth. For ages Colgate is dentist’s recommendable brand. It is their number one choice. It removes 99% germs from the mouth if we paste twice. And I can voucher for its bad breath control. The mint in this tooth paste kills germs and give us fresh and rejuvenated feeling for longer hours. Regular use of this paste prevents building up of plague and our teeth will be whiter than before. All the dental problems will be cured with this Colgate Active Salt Fight Germs Toothpaste. One can feel the difference from the first day of using this paste itself.

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