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1 year ago

Immune boosting capsules


Boosts vitality

Works for allergies

Now a days I am getting frequent episodes of cold, fever and other respiratory related infections. Earlier it was not like that. When I visited my physician he prescribed me immunity boosters. After sometime I myself bought Organic India Immunity Capsules to keep my immune system intact. These are in capsules form. 60 HPMC capsules are packed in a bottle. This product is made from certified herbals. The indications for these capsules are viral infections, flu, cold, fever, bacterial infections and respiratory infections. It is recommended for strengthening immune system and by that keep ourselves free from any infectious diseases. New and dangerous viruses are in the air. We have to take care of body. So take one capsule to make our body strong to fight against viral infections. Part from this, Organic India Immunity Capsules can be given to cancer patients to wave away the side effects of chemo therapy. Very useful in viral encephalitis & meningitis, HIV positive and AIDS.

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