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1 year ago

Immune boosting capsules


Vegetarian product

Organic supplement

When my son was feeling fatigue, energyless and got frequent attack of viral infections, my doctor prescribed him Vestige Noni Capsules to improve his immune system and energy level. These capsules are very good as I experienced the improvement in the immunity. It improves the cell regeneration and by that our immune system increases. It has anti inflammatory properties and anti oxidants, anti carcinogenic and anti microbial properties. So it protects us from all the viral and bacterial infections and also shield us from cancer cells. Apart from this it is good for high blood pressure patients and arthritis like auto immune diseases. Even for respiratory infections it can be taken. It gradually regenerate new cells and cures the infected ones so that our immunity can boost. Vestige Noni Capsules are made from Noni or Morinda citrifolia fruits found in south-east Asia. It is rich in xeronine, organic acids, vitamins, minerals and anthraquinones. Very good for over all health.

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