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1 year ago

Shampoo with Avocado and rosemary


Rich in Natural Oil

Unisex product

Assure Daily Care Shampoo is my sister’s favourite shampoo. She never experienced shortage of words when she explains her experience with this shampoo. This shampoo is made with wonder fruit avocado extracts and rosemary extracts. This cleans the oils, fat deposits, dead cells, polluted impurities from the scalp and make our scalp free from dirts. And it also moisturises the scalp and hair strands. So that we can have dandruff free scalp. This shampoo is a daily hair shampoo. And both men and women can use this. And the packing of this shampoo is very colourful with pink colour travel-friendly bottle. Avocado has so many properties which are good for hair maintenance. It has natural protein and natural oil that is good for hair nourishment. A little quantity of this shampoo is enough to get good amount of lather and effective cleansing. It maintains moisture level of the scalp and never removes essential moisture from the hair.

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