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1 year ago

Cream to provide relaxation to feet


Hydatres quickly



When I met my mother in law during Sankranti puja, I was very upset to see her feet. She was having cracked heel and her feet was full of dead and dry skin. I immediately bought Assure Vestige Foot Cream and I myself applied the cream on her feet. This cream heals all feet ailments and problems. It removes cracks on the heel smoothly. It makes the skin of the feet soft and smooth. My mother in law was very happy to have this feet cream. The witch hazel in it provides nourishment as well as astringent properties which heals the inflammation of any kind.  Our feet need extra care compared to our face. At least now we got this foot cream to take care of dry and cracked feet and to give antioxidant protection to the feet. This cream soothes tired feet and makes it pain and infection-free.

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