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1 year ago

Amla seed hair oil


Light in texture

Mild fragrance

From time immemorial I use home made hair oils prepared by my mother. She put henna, amla, hibiscus, vetti ver, methi and other useful ingredients which are good for hair growth and colour. After that I used to buy ready made hair oils. Now I bought Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil. This oil contains amla seed oil as a main ingredient. And along with amla it has vegetable oils as a carrier oil and essential oils for fragrance. Amla is a very good conditioner and at the same time it controls hair falling. And this oil gives full coverage to protect the hair from roots to end. It moisturises the scalp so that we get ourselves free from dandruff and it also cures split ends as it nourishes every hair strand. And moreover it also prevents premature greying of hair. Regular use keeps my hair fizzle free manageable and shining. The texture of this oil is light and has mild scent.

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