Biotique Bio White Advanced Fairness Treatment Reviews

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1 year ago

Whitening and brightening cream



Easily available

Travel friendly

Contains natural ingredients

Biotique Bio White Advanced Fairness Treatment is a whitening cream which is formulated with medicinal herbals, extracts of pine apple, tomato, lemon juice and neem bark and a well researched process. This product is available in a tube with creamy consistency with wonderful fragrance. It visibly removes dark spots, blemishes, acne marks and impurities from the skin and we will have lighter toned skin than before. Not only it removes dark patches, it controls the reappearance of those coloured spots. I am using it for some time and I noticed the visible changes in my skin. It make the skin soft and refined. It is bleach free, made with only organic and herbal ingredients, preservative free and tested by dermatologist. We are already aware of the efficiency of fruits in making our skin tone brighter and fairer. This product has captivated the idea and made a wonderful product to even out skin tone. The continuing use of this cream make the skin soft and silky with radiant look.

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