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1 year ago

Blood purifier and detoxifier



Daily supplement

Ayurvedic ingredient

My sister was having immune deficiency and upon that her face was full of acne and breakouts. My mother is an expert in home remedies and ayurvedic cure for all diseases. She ordered Patanjali Neem Ghan Vati for my sister. We all know for time unknown that neem has anti oxidant, anti inflammation, blood purifying quality in it. So my sister consumed these ayurvedic supplement capsules and got back her healthy body and skin back. This is ayurvedic preparation and has no side effects. Even if we knew neem is good for health we could not consume it as it is due to its bitterness. But these capsules are easy to consume, very effective and brings results quickly. But one should take this medicine under doctor’s prescription. These capsules keep our skin and body free from inflammation, infections and detoxifies and purifies our blood. Available in a very reasonable rate at all Patanjali outlets.

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