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1 year ago

Classic Meera shampoo with anti dandruff property



Smells good

My daughter was facing dandruff problem and she was upset and depressed due to that. My mother is a huge fan of meera hair care products for decades. So she urged me to buy Meera Anti Dandruff Shampoo to rectify my daughter’s dandruff scalp. I bought this shampoo and really it is what it claims. It frees dandruff from the scalp and keep it free from any skin and hair infections for long. It has all natural ingredients mainly small onion and fenugreek. Both are hair revitalisers and make hair and scalp healthy and cures all hair problems. This shampoo also cleans the oil, dirt, grime from the hair and make it shining and manageable. The packing is beautiful and travel friendly. This product produces huge amount of lather and there is no harmful chemicals in it. The fragrance is good and it is available at affordable price. But I use conditioner after using this shampoo as it makes my hair more dry.

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