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1 year ago

Whitening cream with out chemicals.


Economically priced

Nice mild fragrance which lingers on


Travel-friendly packaging

The Neutriderm Skin Whitening Cream is a newly arrived whitening cream. I occasionally use whitening cream when I find any black patch, wrinkles, acne marks, scars on my face. And to remove tanning also I apply whitening cream. I bought this cream to remove black spots and wrinkles in my face. This cream stops melanin production and prevents Tyrosine formation and by that evens out skin and hydrates skin. And it is as effective as 4% Hydroquinone to control melanin secretion which is a skin pigmentation. It has active anti oxidants to control skin infections, acne formation and breakouts. I use this cream to lighten my under eye blackness also. So it is also an anti ageing cream. It lightens the freckles, skin discolouration due to sun rays and any other skin darkness. It does not have harsh chemicals like hydroquinone and steroids. So there is no side effects from this cream. Available in a tube pack

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